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We offer Wooden utility gift item using gemstone paintings. These product comes in various shape and designs. The art of gemstone painting was developed in Jaipur. Jaipur is hub of real semi-precious stones and hence Real gemstones are easily available and used to several use. We make Gemstone painting on glass base using these semi-precious stones Agate, Crystal, Garnet, Jade, Jasper, Amethyst, Tiger, and Lapis etc.

Using these stones we make various gemstone painting like lady designed painting, god painting, animal painting, birds painting etc. These painting are completely handcrafted by our skilled craftsman, without any usages of machines.

Also these gemstone paintings are used to make various art in wood. We have wide wood carving collection which is crafted using these gemstone paintings.

Using these Gemstone paintings we are making below Handmade Products in various wood.

·         Gemstone painting wall picture

·         Gemstone painting wooden coaster

·         Gemstone painting wooden key holder

·         Wooden service tray with gemstones

·         Gemstone painting wooden pen holder

·         Gemstone painting lamp carving

·         Gemstone painting boxes carving

·         Gemstone painting picture frames

·         Gemstone painting letter holder carving

·         Gemstone painting visiting card holder carving

·         Gemstone painting Mobile holder carving



Bring today these Gemstone painting items. It looks very nice and gives traditional touch to your home and office.