Lac decorative gifts

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Lac Handmade Product:  Indian Crafts Jaipur Present top quality lac decorative items, lac boxes, kumkum boxes, pen diary and other decorative gift items. We have wide range of lac handmade gift item which can be used for return gifts, wedding return gifts, office use & home use as well as birthday gifts. Since long time ago Lac materials where used to make bangles, but now lac materials are include ornaments, trinket, decorative boxes and gifts items.  

Using lac material and other decorative accessory Jaipur artisans are making very beautiful products which can be used for interior decoration, gifting, return gift purpose and corporate gift purpose. These lac gift items are adorned with mirror, beads, metal pieces and colorful fabrics, also these lac items are available in elegant patterns, creative designs, color combination and good finished.

Lac products are Lac kumkum box, lac jewelry boxes, lac pen diary, lac coaster, lac candle holder, lac votive, Lac mirror box, lac handle mirror, lac bangles, lac beaded box etc.…