Wooden pen holder

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Pen holder can be made from a variety of materials such as wood/metal/marble. Everybody loves beautiful & attractive pen holders on table. We M/s. Indian Craft present wide range of wood carving pen holder in various art work. We make very beautiful and carving pen holder from white wood. These pen holders useful as well as used to adorn your office table, study table or home tables.

We have very good collection in wooden pen holder and these all are crafted in single piece of wood and made using hand art by our skilled craftsman. We can customize the shape and designs as per our customer demand, as well as we can engraving your company name or logo on these wood carving pen holder.

Wood carving pen holder is durable and attractive item as well as best gift item for your collage friends and family members. Wooden pen holders are available in various size and shape like.. Round shape, square shaped, Hexagon shaped and rectangle shaped etc.…

Varieties of our wooden pen holder are below:

·         Wood carving pen holder

·         Milk cane shaped wooden pen holder

·         Shikar carving wooden pen holder

·         Wooden pen stand with gemstone painting

·         Company logo engraved wooden pen holder

·         Wooden pen holder with office gift set

·         Wooden pen holder with time piece

·         Floral carving wooden pen holder

·         Wooden pen holder in rupee engraved design

·         Carving pen holder with elephant statue

·         Carving pen holder with ashok pillar

·         Visiting card & pen holder

·         Wooden rotating pen holder


Our aim is provide you best quality, utility items as well as decorative piece.